Teaching the Herb Bus Method in Florida (FEB 2014)

The Herb Bus spent a couple of days in St. Petersburg, Florida working with the herbal students of the Professional Herbalist Training Program at Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. We spent Tuesday afternoon building several herbal kits to run student clinic with. For class in the evening, we explored the benefits and constraints you face when providing free, mobile care, using the Herb Bus Service Manual as our guide. Wednesday was student clinic. Severe thunderstorms prevented us from setting up outdoors, so we pitched our clinic inside the center. We kept to our challenge and only worked from our kits, stretching our creativity and exploring the versatility of the herbs we had selected.

Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference First Aid Center (OCT 2013)

Photos from this year’s First Aid Center at the annual SEWHC.  Over 1000+ women and children attend this 3 day event in the early fall. Our First Aid Center is tasked with providing earth-based care for this temporary village. All of our services and remedies are offered free. For many, a visit to our clinic facilitates their first healing experience with herbal medicine, illuminating the vital link between true health and nature. We had over 100 visits to the center and also made a few “cabin calls.”

Ponderosa High School, Flagstaff (SEPT 2013)

After an inspiring weekend at the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona, the bus swung back through Flagstaff to visit the garden/permaculture studies class at Ponderosa High School Monday morning. Ponderosa is a small alternative, accommodations high school that enrolls and mentors students who have faced difficult challenges in their lives.
During class, we talked about herbal uses for some of the plants in their garden and then a bit about the work and vision of the Herb Bus.
It was a lovely morning and I am grateful to my friend, Jonathon Taylor, for inviting me to meet with his class.

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine Student Clinic (SEPT 2013)

For their final student clinic of the year, the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine hosted The Herb Bus. After giving the students a preliminary training (using the Herb Bus Service Manual as our guide) about how to run a free, mobile, herbal clinic, we set up the bus at a community in Asheville to allow the students a chance to work in this type of health care model. We had a great time serving the folks at The Landing. (Permission was granted for photos to be taken)

Herb Bus Summer Tour 2013

This June and July, the Herb Bus drove cross country to spend time with the plants and serve the people. We assisted in free clinics at both the Firefly and Rainbow Gatherings and also spent time in the field, botanizing and wildcrafting for medicines. The next voyage is planned for September. Viva la Herb Bus!

May Clinic at The Big House 2013 (Photos by Pete Dress)

February Clinics 2013   (Photos by Jessica Horwitz)


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